The Brand Union was a marketing company that deeply cared about brands. They believed brands hold a strong power to make things simple, organize work, add value, and inspire people. They understood that successful brands needed a strong and connected experience to keep up with people’s increasing demands.

People wanted brands to be as good as they said they were, provide excellent service, responsibly handle their data, and look after their future. If brands didn’t meet these expectations, people were quick to leave.

So, The Brand Union worked to build brand experiences that were well-designed and well-connected. They wanted every interaction, from big launches to small online chats, to be unique and consistent. They achieved this by working closely and for a long time with their clients.

In 2018 the website became part of Superunion. Later, it merged again with another company called Design Bridge, this formed the Design Bridge and Partners company. Has Been Acquired by

business transaction between two cartoon characters

Design Bridge and Partners didn’t need the domain name anymore. So, chose to take it over. Soon, will be part of the Capture & Convert website. This goes only for the domain name, not the brand name itself!

Capture & Convert is a company that works in marketing and advertising. Their main job is to collect business leads, which is a way of finding new customers. They then sell these leads to local business owners. They work in many places, like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and more.

The Transition

Right now, Capture & Convert is changing its design and updating its website. Once they’re done, if you try to go to, you’ll be automatically taken to This automatic move is known as a 301-redirect.